Retrieve basic account information for the currently authenticated account. You may use this to determine the capabilities of a configured account.

URL template

The REST API requires GET requests. Parameters are added to the REST resource URL, and each parameter must be URL-encoded:


name: string

The name of the account. Maximum length 150 characters.

hasAccess: boolean

Indicates if the account currently has access to API's.

countries: string[]

Deprecated: to get the list of available countries use '/international/v1/supported-countries'.

adminEmail: string

The email address of the account admin, or null if not available.

contactEmail: string

The email address of the account contact, or null if not available.

subscription: struct

Account subscription details, or null if there is no subscription.

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startDate: dateTime.iso8601

The start date for the current period of the subscription.

limit: int

The subscription limit in euros.

usage: int

The usage amount within the current subscription period, rounded to whole euros. This value is typically not fully up-to-date, but it is updated at least once an hour.