Create an account for your client. The new account will be linked to your reseller account.

This method is only available to reseller accounts.

Request template

This method API requires a POST request using the Content-Type 'application/json' and a JSON encoded request body. POST to the following URL:

Example REST request

A POST to /reseller/v1/client with the proper authentication would use the following HTTP Request:

POST /reseller/v1/client HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic 2eTpkU******…
	"companyName": "Klant B.V.",
	"countryIso": "NLD",
	"vatNumber": "NL123456789B01",
	"contactEmail": "",
	"subscriptionAmount": 100,
	"siteUrls": [""],
	"invoiceEmail": "",
	"invoiceReference": "PO 1234",
	"invoiceAddressLine1": "Julianastraat 30",
	"invoiceAddressLine2": "",
	"invoiceAddressPostalCode": "2012ES",
	"invoiceAddressLocality": "Haarlem",
	"invoiceAddressRegion": "",
	"invoiceAddressCountryIso": "NLD",
	"invoiceContactName": "Contact Name on Invoice",

Example response

The lookup is successful so we receive a 200 OK status in the headers:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

And a JSON response in the body:

	"accountId": "3414456543",
	"key": "mI1gIDthWXxg8gL7bKJbF183VCrJBkufer0ob9ooq9S",
	"secret": "YXmoe0N7vvTJneKVuikHh4iH0SU1gfdmRpCiGnQz4POVSOOSSb"


companyName: string

The client company name

countryIso: string

The country code

vatNumber: string

The VAT number. Required if countryIso indicates an EU member country other than the Netherlands. May be left empty otherwise.

contactEmail: string

The primary contact email

subscriptionAmount: int

The subscription amount. Possible values: 0, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000. Specify 0 to create a test account without a subscription.

siteUrls: string[]

An array of site URL's belonging to the client, especially sites where the API will be used. This helps us offer better support. May be empty.

invoiceEmail: string

The email address that will receive invoices.

invoiceReference: string

An optional reference that will be included on the invoice

invoiceAddressLine1: string

Invoice mail address line 1

invoiceAddressLine2: string

Invoice mail address line 2, may be empty

invoiceAddressPostalCode: string

Invoice mail address postal code

invoiceAddressLocality: string

Invoice mail address locality

invoiceAddressRegion: string

The invoice address region, may be empty

invoiceAddressCountryIso: string

Invoice mail address country

invoiceContactName: string or null

Optional parameter. The contact name that will be included on the invoice, if null no contact name is added.

isTest: boolean

Optional parameter. Specify 'true' to perform a test and receive a dummy response, instead of actually creating an account.


accountId: int

The id of the new account

key: string

The public key for the client's account to access the API

secret: string

The secret to use with the key