Address details for Austria

This page describes only country specific information for the address details response. See get address details documentation for an overview of the address details request and response in general.

Austrian address "details" property example

    "language": "de-AT",
    "address": {
        "country": "Austria",
        "locality": "Mattersburg",
        "street": "Walbersdorf Koglweg",
        "postcode": "7210",
        "building": "10",
        "buildingNumber": 10,
        "buildingNumberAddition": null
    "mailLines": [
        "Walbersdorf Koglweg 10",
        "7210 Mattersburg"
    "location": {
        "latitude": 47.738963,
        "longitude": 16.423622,
        "precision": "Address"
    "isPoBox": false,
    "country": {
        "name": "Austria",
        "iso3Code": "AUT",
        "iso2Code": "AT"
    "details": {
        "autBuilding": {
            "number": 10,
            "addition": null,
            "validated": true
        "autStreet": {
            "name": "Walbersdorf Koglweg"
        "autCity": {
            "name": "Walbersdorf"
        "autMunicipality": {
            "name": "Mattersburg"

Response property "details" for country code "AUT"

autBuilding: struct

Austria building details.

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number: int

The number for the building.

addition: string or null

The number addition for the building if available, null otherwise.

validated: boolean

Indication whether the building could be validated. When true it means that the combination of building number and building number addition exists.

autStreet: struct

Austria street details.

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name: string

Name of the street

autCity: struct

Austria city details. (German: Ortschaft)

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name: string

Name of the city

useInAddress: boolean

If true, use city name instead of municipality name in address

autMunicipality: struct

Austria municipality details. (German: Gemeinde)

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name: string

Name of the municipality (gemeinde).