Dutch addresses

Address by postcode
Get an address based on its unique combination of postcode, house number and house number addition.
RD (Rijksdriehoeksmeting), Latitude longitude
Get the closest Dutch address based on Dutch Rijksdriehoeksmeting coordinates or latitude and longitude.
Address by BAG Number Designation ID
Get the Dutch address connected to a BAG Number Designation ID ("Nummeraanduiding ID").
Address(es) by BAG Addressable Object ID
Get the Dutch address(es) connected to a BAG Addressable Object ID ("Adresseerbaar object ID") for BAG objects Accommodation (Dutch: "Verblijfsobject"), Pitch (Dutch: "Standplaats") and Berth (Dutch: "Ligplaats").
Ranges by postcode
Get all streets and house number ranges for the provided postcode.